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Is paying space rent better than buying Real Estate?

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This is another very popular question/concern.  Most people’s initial though may lean towards buying Real Estate as the best option.  In some cases that may be true but when you realize that the median priced home tends to be over $400,000 in San Diego County and the average 2 bed room rental is over $1500 per month, you start to realize how truly affordable Mobile/Manufactured home communities are.  The average space rent for San Diego county is around $800 per month (even less in the North County).  Since we offer homes priced under $20,000, it is clear that there is no more affordable way to live in San Diego County.


What about buying a condo?  Great question!  Condo’s are definitely less than a single family home.  But what is a condo? In most situations, a condominium is nothing more than an apartment you can buy.  This means that like a mobile/manufactured home with space rent, you also don’t own the land.  You don’t have to pay space rent in a condo but you do typically pay some type of home owners association fee (HOA) along with higher property taxes.  Couple this with the fact that in most condominiums, you are sharing floors, or walls or ceilings with your neighbor.  That doesn’t give you much privacy, private yard or even your own parking!  It is our opinion that for most people, not only will living in a park or community where you pay space rent be the most affordable option, it will also offer you the best quality of life.  For more information about any specific park or community please contact one of our sales representatives at 619-449-3800


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