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Do we market the homes we represent on the “M.L.S.”?

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If you are thinking about selling your mobile/manufactured home, then this may be one of the questions to ask.  We, at Pacific Manufactured Homes, do have the ability to place the homes we sell on the M.L.S. however we typically choose NOT to market them through this service.  We have found that most people using the M.L.S. are working with a Realtor.  Most Realtors prefer to sell their clients some form of real estate (residential, condo’s, town homes, etc..) since this is what they know.  People are always more comfortable doing what they know.  Most Realtors also do not have many lending options for mobile/manufactured homes available to them.  We have also found that when their client see’s a mobile/manufactured home on the M.L.S., the agent will typically discourage the buyer from the property.  The 2 most common reasons given are that financing is to difficult to get and that the homes will always depreciate (both of which are not true).


So how do people find the homes we represent if they are not on the M.L.S.?  Great question! Most people in todays market look for homes using the internet, not by contacting their local Realtor.  We market aggressively online though all of the top sites such as “Trulia”, “Zillow”, “MHHousing”, “CraigsList”, and so on.  So when people see these homes, they will typically call us directly.  For those who are working with an agent, when they tell their Realtor about the home, the agent looks but can not find it on the M.L.S. so they call us directly for information.  Since we are happy to work with outside agents, we are able to let the Realtor know that we provide all financing and hand walk their clients through the entire purchase making it very easy for them to successfully help their clients find an affordable home with little to effort on their part.  The Realtors that have worked with us in the past love that part. 🙂


In conclusion, by allowing one of our agents who specialize in mobile/manufactured home sales speak directly to the client or to the clients agent will allow your home the best possible chance for being shown and ultimately SOLD!!! For more details or to schedule a free appraisal, please contact one of our many qualified mobile/manufactured home specialists at 619-449-3800.


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