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Dealer vs. Realtor… Which is better and who do I need?

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A very commonly asked question is “Don’t I need my own realtor?” The answer would be “YES” if you were buying Real Estate but since most of the properties we represent and sell are in land rental communities (family or senior parks), these type of homes are considered personal property, not Real Estate.  In personal property, we “the Dealer” represent the home as accurately as possible and disclose all known items or issues with the home directly to the prospective buyer.  This allows the buyer to make the best decision for themselves without any unqualified outside pressure. Another advantage to using a dealer is since this type of sale is what we specialize in, we have many more financing options available to us compared to a Realtor (see my blog about financing for more information about this topic). There is also ALOT less paperwork involved in this type of purchase making the transaction more enjoyable.
This is a very important point to consider when deciding who you choose to work with.  Both Realtors and Dealers can represent and sell a previously owned mobile/manufactured home but if you are considering a brand new manufactured home, only a Dealer can help you.  Realtors are not licensed to sell new manufactured homes.  We here at Pacific Manufactured Homes represent all of the best factories that can design and build your perfect home.  For more details please contact one of our very qualified sales representatives at 619-449-3800 and take the first step in making your home buying dream become a reality.  We look forward to serving you!

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