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Can you get financing on these type of homes?

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Yes, in most cases, there are many financing options available.  Much like standard home loans, the amount of down payment and interest rate will vary based on the borrowers income and credit history.  Unlike standard home loans, the year the mobile/manufactured home was made will also affect the loan. Another factor will be the size of the house (is it a single, double, or triple section home).  The final factor in determining what type of loan you can qualify for will be what community or park the home is located coupled with the amount of space/lot rent.  DSC02114

A very important thing to remember is that every loan a buyer is approved for is specific to that home and park or community.  If you decide to change the house you buy or in what community it is in, your approval may change too.  For more details please call our office at 619-449-3800 and ask to speak to one of our representatives.  We will be happy to set up an appointment for a free no obligation credit profile which will not only give you a much better idea of your ability to get a loan but assist you in finding the home of your dreams.



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